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Ziaja atopic dermatitis treatment

The pictures themselves speak a thousand words. This range has helped significantly. In places where creams never had an effect Ziaja has not failed. The Ziaja Atopic Dermatitis range has delivered everything it promised. This range can provide relief for sufferers of eczema. If you know anyone out there with this condition I urge you to share this post with them and make them aware of the fab results from the Ziaja Atopic Dermatitis range.

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Ziaja Baby soothing soothing cream 10% D-panthenol 60 ml

Ziaja’s Baby soothing cream -10% d-panthenol was my favourite baby product of all time and here is why…. A few weeks ago this rash appeared on Aidan’s face and began to spread all over his body. It started out like a heat rash but turned into tiny blisters under his skin on his face, arms and legs. After 2 trips to the doctors and several prescription creams I had accepted that this was something that Aidan would just have to live with or hopefully ‘grow out of’. When the products arrived from Ziaja I had nothing to lose by trying a little bit of the soothing cream on his face. After three applications the rash had completely gone, and thankfully he has no scarring or marking from it! As the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’…

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squidy moments

My absolute favs – Top 5 Beauty Products of 2015

Ziaja Natural Olive anti-wrinkle cream 50 ml

Ziaja’s Natural Olive Anti-Wrinkle Cream is my every day face cream and I love it. It feels light on the skin and its wonderful for keeping my face soft all year round.

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Ziaja cocoa butter shower scrub with macrogranules 200 ml

It is no secret that I love Ziaja’s cocoa scrub. As the Ziaja range is so affordable a couple of items can be bought for under €20. There’s so many collections to choose from my favourites are the coconut and cocoa. I should mix the two shower gels together to form a Bounty bath. Lovely.

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Ziaja Argan Protective Hand Cream 80 ml

This ZIAJA hand cream absorbed really quickly into my skin which I loved. Argan Oil is super for protection and healing which is needed on our hands during the winter. It is best used as a preventive for dry or sore skin, but it can also be used to speed up healing. It’s properties include reducing inflammation, soothing pain and increasing healing rate. Argan oil’s softening properties are ideal for brittle nails, dry hands and cracked, hard skin on feet. It both moisturises and softens skin, leaving hands and feet supple, soft with nails becoming strong and healthy

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Ziaja Men Christmas Set 3 Products

If you are sick to death of the men in your life “borrowing” your expensive moisturiser, why not treat them to some skincare of their own? Ziaja are a great brand who provide high-quality products, at affordable prices. This set includes a moisturiser, shower gel and anti-perspirant for less than €10. Yes, less than a tenner – that even leaves you with some excess cash for make-up treats.

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Ziaja Argan Oil Body Butter 200 ml

Now this!!! I love this product, every morning after I shower I use this on my legs. I find sometimes the skin on my legs just that little harder to soften and feel nice, I guess it has a lot to do with being a pale girl with dark hair growth, I feel I am always attacking my legs with a razor so it’s hard for them to really feel loved I feel. This butter feels wonderful on the skin as do all the Ziaja body butters so I guess it’s more of a scent love for me. I have been using Cocoa Butter products for so long, this makes for a lighter scent.

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 rouge writing hood

Ziaja Cocoa Butter Hand Cream 80 ml

I will admit that even though I’m a skincare addict, I never really believed in the benefits of hand cream until just a few weeks ago. […] However, because I’m studying at the moment and handwriting essay after essay, I recently noticed that the skin around my fingers has become irritated and dry. So off I went in search of this ‘Ziaja Cocoa Butter Hand Cream’ (€2.99) only to discover that I have been missing out for years! After just three days of use, the dry patches on my hands have cleared up completely (results photographed below). Again, the formula is extremely fast absorbing (less than 60 seconds) and the scent is delicious. Ziaja promise that this product will also help strengthen nails over time, which I’m really looking forward to. At that price point, who could resist?

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Ziaja Argan Oil Hand Cream 100 ml

I’ve used and tried the Argan oil shower gel and it was amazing. The hand cream doesn’t leave a greasy or tacky finish to the hands when you apply it. After a minute or two its completely soaked in leaving the skin feeling soft and plump. Its even got a soft mild scent to it from the Argan oil which is lovely but not over powering. […]This hand cream is definitely one for beside the bed and applied morning and night and one for in the handbag for when you are on the go. Price wise its only €3.99 which is a bargain considering a pea sized amount goes a long way.
So make sure you get yours and get your skin protected and help the dryness or cracked skin on your hands before the cold makes it worse.

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Ziaja Sensitive Skin Enzyme Peeling 60 ml

If you are new to the world of chemical exfoliation then the Ziaja Sensitive Skin Enzyme Peeling Mask is the one for you. It won’t leave your skin feeling stripped and with regular use it can help your skin look brighter and feel smoother. […] This product is worth picking up if you want to give chemical exfoliation a try for the first time, your skin is extremely sensitive or your skin is actually in pretty decent condition and you are looking to maintain it.

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Ziaja Marine Algae Micellar Water 200 ml

One big difference I noted between this cleansing water and the Garnier cleansing water is that the Ziaja one doesn’t leave a residue on the skin. It does what it sets out to do and I’m very pleased with it! The Ziaja Marine Algae Micellar Cleansing Water costs €4.49 so if you see it stocked in a pharmacy near you give it a go. It’s inexpensive and works a treat!

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Ziaja Cocoa Butter Creamy Shower Soap 500 ml

I do love me a bit of Ziaja, the Polish budget busters that do fantastic products that are genuinely lovely. […]So when these Giants appeared with my Postman I did a happy dance and immediately put these in the shower for use. As I said, I LOVE me some Ziaja. Seriously. The Cocoa Butter range is pretty awesome. I have already blogged about the cocoa butter scrub and the cocoa butter creamy shower soap which is damned good value at just €2.99 for 500ml. It is creamy and moisturising and lovely and smells amazing. This shower gel would be the most perfect thing to use if you are using fake tans as it contains ingredients that nourish the skin and that will prolong your tan. Also, 500mls costs less than €3!!!!

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